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I have used the Cross Country Wireless receiver protectors on mine, they work quite well.  My three kiwi's are all on passive antennas with 11 dB preamps. They are spaced about 100 feet from my transmitters, I have never had a problem as far as damage but overload does show up. I have run as much as 500 watts with the transmitters without issue.  Clint KA7OEI has designed a filter that has decreasing attenuation the higher in frequency you go which might be of some help.


Steve KD2OM

On 7/24/21 2:17 PM, Rolf Ekstrand wrote:

Good morning y'all,

In regards to my expansion plans I am thinking of putting up some fixed gain antennas.  However in the EU direction I have a high power DX/contester station about 1/3 of a mile away and my concern is front end overloading and protection of the Kiwi with increased gain in that direction. It is pretty bad at times as is with the omni antenna.   I had the Kiwi schematic some place, but can't find it now, and with the ongoing Kiwi bru hah hoopla the link is not seemingly accessible.    

Anyone  out there in WD land that have info on the front end protection of the Kiwi and/or experience with close in band high power transmissions.  

73 Rolf K9DZT

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