Re: Odroid XU-4 or?

Jim Lill

I use an XU4 for 26 channels of WD, have been for a year+ with success

On 7/22/21 10:18 AM, Rolf Ekstrand wrote:
Greetings y'all

Thinking about making some additions here to expand my set up here as the condx are improving on the higher bands.  This means additional antennas and of course more Kiwis, and as I am running a Rpi4 here I guess there also have to be some thought about replacing this. Thus I like to put the question out there. Would for example an Odroid XU-4 be a better choice or is there something else out there in regards to reasonable priced SBC's     In regards to this I must also consider the Internet service as we are on a connection  here (Thanks Spectrum ) that consistently fails or slows down to a mere crawl.  Well that's why we use the WD, but with more Kiwis it will put more load on the system and we probably need something else than the Rpi4.

Any thoughts regarding this?

73  Rolf K9DZT


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