Re: Has anyone run auto-wspr and/or WD on a RaspSDR?


I am about to embark on this adventure myself but waiting for my hardware to arrive and am pretty clueless about linux although I did install ubuntu on a machine once  and did a few command line things (following instructions I found online) but if there are those who set this up and got it working I could certainly benefit from a few pointers when the time comes.

Browsing the messages on this list I realise I am pretty much in the deep end of the pool here....

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From: Rob Robinett <rob@...>
Date: July 17, 2021 at 7:02 PM

I forget who it was who reported that loading a new version of the kiwi code got their RaspberryPi working in autowspr and with WD.

In the conf file you should need only to define the KIWI receiver as on localhost, e.g.:

         "KIWI_0                    localhost:8073     AI6VN         CM87tj    NULL"

then define a schedule like:

   "00:00 KIWI_0,80 KIWI_0,40 KIWI_0,30 KIWI_0,20 KIWI_0,17 KIWI_0,15 KIWI_0,12 KIWI_0,10"


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