Re: New to the list


That's interesting.  I tried modelling several different variations but for the phased pair I found that deviating from the corner driven diamond shape resulted in degredation to the pattern either in the RDF or degrading the low elevation response.

Before this thread is done I just wanted to rspond to you Glenn on your good points about supporting the original design and the ongoing development which I do take seriously.  Please remember I do already have a genuine KiwiSDR bought through Seed Studio so I have given financial support to the designer already.  It was hard to get at the time and for us canucks with worthless currency the price differential is substantial so that might be a deciding factor for some folks.  For me right now, as you now understand I'm trying to go for something very specific leveraging the ability to run more code on the cpu and avoid ground loops for one and also have something simple and compact that is easy to deploy in a remote location with no internet while logging spots to a file for later upload, and the original kiwiSDR won't do latent uploads although I did request this as a feature for consideration twice on the valentfx forum in the time since I've owned one and there was no response to it whatsoever.  If my original KiwiSDR could simply run as a reporter without web connectivity and upload when the web is available I wouldn't be considering any other option at all. So it looks like this newer design might be the better choice for me in this particular instance. I hope so, time will tell.


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