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Yes well, it may be a while but I will certainly do so.  This started out with me trying to use a phased pair of LoG antennas to improve reception of europeans on 160m to my tiny noisy suburban lot without towers and huge antennas.  KK5JY suggests a phased pair of LoG's can give a cardioid pattern with a broad backside null.  I am getting some deep nulling but in an unexpected direction and it doesn't appear that the pattern is what I had hoped and I'm guessing local conductive objects and maybe the TX antenna are destroying the patten of the pair.  Or maybe something else is messing with me like the fact that the antennas are sitting on a high K dielectric which means that the effective separation distance isn't the same as the physical separation??  So getting out in the clear might help clear this up (pun intended).  Hopefully I can plow through setting all this up before 160m season is upon us.  One thing I have wished for is that in setting up the search terms for the map one could specify the TX power level of the spotted stations which would help with making the map more representative of the antenna pattern.  There are a lot of factors along the path and at the TX end that can play havoc with what I am trying to do obviously but now that I see the power of these newer data analysis tools I think there may be something to the idea at least I should give it a try.

Thanks for your help and encouragement guys....Joe

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Please report your results!


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