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Yes I think I muddied the waters by referring to KiwiSDR when I meant the RaspberrySDR.  Anyways, it's all clear now and thanks to you both for being patient with me and answering my questions to the degree I am confident to go forward with this idea.  And thanks for wsprdaemon Rob.

Best regards...Joe

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From: Rob Robinett <rob@...>
Date: July 14, 2021 at 8:30 PM

Hi Joe,

To be clear, if you are using a RaspberySDR one would configure the Kiwi's address as localhost:8073.

Glenn's configuration  [Pi wifi client with its own PSU]  ---- wifi ----[Yellow Thing running as Wifi AP] === USB ==== [Kiwi] , the Kiwi's IP address is


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