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Glenn Elmore

Only measurement will tell for sure but it isn't uncommon for a even a co-located device to create a loop with power supply and wired LAN connections. Shielding probably won't matter or help. If the entire arrangement is within a small volume then self-capacitance can be low and paths in one line and out another, through the Kiwi 'grounds' , may not be enough to cause a problem but even then  edges whether LAN or SMPS may cause QRM.   Try it and see. If you always have a symmetric antenna then it may be possible to short out only the desired/differential part and verify that any remaining CM is well below the measurement level.

On 7/14/21 4:19 PM, VE3VXO wrote:

If I can run the SDR and WD on a single Pi in a shielded box with no LAN then the only external connections will be a short battery lead and the coaxial lead in.  The phased pair I described are on 50 ft double shielded LMR-100A feedlines so as short as possible and a lumped element Pi network for the phase delay feeding into a minicircuits ZFSCJ-2-1 inverting combiner. The chokes I made should give about 5k ohms at the low end of HF, will this not be sufficient?


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