Re: New to the list


Thanks Rob and Glenn for your comments.

I am doing tests with a pair of phased loops so good current balance and they are each coupled to their feedline through an isolation transformer at the amtenna end and each also have a feedline choke with good common mode isolation at the frequencies of interest as well to guard against common mode noise injection at least on the feedline end of things. I think for the ground loop issues I will try to simplify and eliminate CM noise sources and ground loops as follows.  I discovered a clone of the KiwiSDR called flydog which uses a Pi 3B or even 4B (but ships with a 3B).  If there are enough resources there to run the Kiwi host and WD concurrently it will help a lot with these issues.  I'm guessing I will need a 4B with some extra memory. Since the logging will be done without any internet whatsoever that's another noise source eliminated and I can use a substantial lithium battery which I already have with a linear regulator for the tests.  I don't know if this knock off SDR is any good, but I don't have any backup for my bonafide SEED KiwiSDR so this will serve as an exploration of the clone and possible backup for the good one as well and allow it to stay safely at home. I like it too much to leave it out in a field overnight!


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