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Hello to all, I am Joe ve3vxo and have been running a Seed KiwiSDR for a couple of years now.  I have been using it to evaluate low band receive antennas using the wspr extension.  Recent experiments are giving me doubts that nearby conductive objects at my shack are playing havoc with the expected antenna patterns as predicted by eznec modelling and I would like to move the antennas temporarily to a remote location where there is no internet connectivity and do a run of 12 to 24 hours to get a range of spots during both day and night propagation conditions to evaluate the shape of the antenna response.  This would require that spots be recorded and I could upload them to later when I get home to look at the map.  I just found out about wsprdaemon but have not learned all about it yet so please forgive the ignorant question, but is this something that wsprdaemon can do for me? According to Rob's (AI6VN) TAPR presentation video I just watched there was one bullet saying "cathes spots through loss of internet connectivity" so I think that suggests the answer to my question is yes, but I want to make sure this will work before I begin here as I don't have a Rpi to use for this and I am such a beginner with Linux that it will be a steep learning curve for me, but I will be happy to embark on it if someone can confirm for me this will do what I am hoping. Perhaps I should be asking if there is an easier solution as well? Logging to an SD card and later manual upload for example? A patch for the KiwiSDR code to do this directly on the Kiwi? Ideas anyone?

Best regards all...joe

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