Re: Wsprdaemon logs & data overflowing

Rob Robinett

Overflowing uploads.d/... suggests that your WD server is failing to upload to and/or
To get a list of spot and noise files cache for uploading execute: find ~/wsprdaemon/uploads.d/ -name '*.txt' | grep 'spots\|noise', e.g.:

wsprdaemon@kfs-thinkcentre:~$ find ~/wsprdaemon/uploads.d/ -name '*.txt' | grep 'spots\|noise'

On Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 12:37 AM Юрий Максимов <rz3dvp@...> wrote:
Thanks for your answer Rob.
I had problems with overflowing the uploads.d  folder one or two times… I think it’s not a big problem, I will add to cron daily rule for clear old files…
Thank you for grate job and hope v3 will be releasing quickly. :)

Best regards, 73!

8 июля 2021 г., в 01:52, Rob Robinett <rob@...> написал(а):

Hi Yuri,

WD v2.x is designed to perform almost no logging when started in its default verbosity level 0 mode, e.g.:  'WD -a'
Many sites have been running for months without overflowing their file systems, so you are suffering an unusual problem which is hard for me to diagnose via email.
If uploads.d/... is now filling up it may be due to failures in the server which I am actively debugging.
I'll be posting progress on that work to the forum.

In WD v3.x (currently in alpha state) I have redesigned the logging system to limit the size of all the log files.



On Wed, Jul 7, 2021 at 7:47 AM Юрий Максимов <rz3dvp@...> wrote:
Hello Rob,
Maybe you can help me, - how can I reduce data and logs files for wsprdaemon on the file system? For example, folder uplads.d had lot of files after a year and this folder never cleans automatically, maybe exist command for the config file to save data only for 1 week? 
Sorry, maybe I did not read the instructions on GitHub carefully... :)

Best regards,73!

Rob Robinett
mobile: +1 650 218 8896

Rob Robinett
mobile: +1 650 218 8896

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