Re: 8 way splitter for GPS to kiwi's and GPSDO needed

WA2TP - Tom


I had this same request and brought it to the attention of Makis SV1AFN.

He advised he is working on an 8 port with filtering (an active splitter with 4 or 8 ports, with filters against cell-phones and towers and for all GNSS bands).

I have tied him in so he is aware of the growing need and interest.


On Jun 19, 2021, at 11:48 AM, Glenn Elmore <n6gn@...> wrote:


I think you are correct in stating your requirements.  I don't have a complete solution to recommend but I did build a DC isolating GPS board that serves to provide GPS to a single Kiwi without also adding a low frequency path.  For those running multiple Kiwi's from a single GPS source, probably an N-way version of that along with a single DC bias tee or connection to one of the GPS ports is what needs to be constructed. But then there's the question of "what is N?" and 2,4 8 way versions of the thing would need to be fab'd.

It's probably simpler to run dedicated GPS antennas on each Kiwi in situations where a good antenna location is close enough. For the general situation like you describe, an isolating filter is really what is desirable.


On 6/19/21 4:59 AM, ON5KQ wrote:
Can anyone recommend a 8way splitter to connect my kiwis and a GPSDO for my lab.
What technology I need to look for, to pass DC to the outside antenna but don't (DC-)connect all Kiwis together... I think the kiwis need to be (DC-)isolated to each other

I do not want to import from outside EU however, as current customs costs are horrendous...

Ulli, ON5KQ

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