Re: WD problems


you may have realized yourself - decoding still doesn't work correctly!
If I include in the .conf file either 
      JT9_DECODE_ENABLED="yes"       or
the decoding stops after 1min and truncates a large percentage of the decodes..

If I do not include at all the JT9 line it keeps decoding, but merging does not work correctly. For example I almost never get a good merge on 40m, instead the merge.log shows only one receiver decoding - the other receiver has stars... as if there was no antenna feeding it...

It could be, that it is just a fault of writing the merge.log file in the tmp folder. But at least there is no indication which receiver has heard what... the spots are only listed on ONE single receiver.
To make it more complicated it happens only in 70% of the many 2min periods. Sometimes all receives indeed show some decodes and there are no consistent stars at all but one.
I use 3 receiver channels on 40m,...

Also the noise chart doesn't plot correctly - with me it is mostly 40m, which is the problem. c2_level writes a value of 999
This happens if there is no JT9 line in the conf. file
However if I include the line, decoding time is cut to 1min, which is not enough.

This is just to try to explain what still is wrong here...

Ulli, ON5KQ
P.S. One more interesting observation: When I start WD, it starts to connect to the Kiwi's according to the schedule set in .conf file. However it does it not immediately. It starts with 2 or 3 channels... next 2min interval it takes 2 or 3 more, which were missing 2min interval it takes 2 or 3 more, which were missing before...and so on... until all channels have been grabbed as configured... That looks very strange ! In the past with the old decoder, when I start WD, the script immediately grabbed the channels, which were configured - not anymore with the new version... Why is that ?

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