Re: WSPRDaemon creating empty spot files and nothing for WSPRNet

Rob Robinett

Duncan gave me ssh access to his Pi and I was able to see that his RaspSDR wasn't sending audio through the kiwirecorder session, nor was autowspr able to decode on the RaspSDR.  Duncan later reported that an update to his RaspSDR SW fixed those problems and WD was running fine.  However I don't know any more detail about the RaspSDR SW change.

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 1:33 PM Jim Lill <jim@...> wrote:

does wsprd decoder ever run?

On 6/9/21 7:45 PM, Duncan GM5JET wrote:
Hi Rob,

There is only the entry in the log file for starting the pid and then nothing else.

I have watched the updates and I get the message that states that the files contained no spots and that the files should be flushed.  I'm rather stumped!


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