Re: Transient missing spots events may require WD server CPU upgrade

Jim Lill

The NUC may not be enough...    I use a single Odroid XU4 to handle 26 channels worth of WD and haven't seen issues yet (but you look more carefully now)

On 5/25/21 5:02 PM, Edward Hammond wrote:
Okay. I guess it's time to suck it up and install Ubuntu on that old Intel NUC!


On 5/25/21 4:10 PM, Rob Robinett wrote:
In WD V3.0 I will be adding support for FST4W 120/300/900/1800 and using those modes, especially the 900/1800, will surely require more CPU than any Pi can offer.

On Tue, May 25, 2021 at 1:06 PM Edward Hammond <> wrote:

    Sorry, a correction.  It was FT8 that was pushing my Pi to its limits
    then, not WSPR.  But I would think overclocking would similarly
    help in
    this situation.


    On 5/25/21 3:29 PM, Edward Hammond wrote:
    > I noticed last year that my decode cycles were pushing the Pi's
    > limits.  Your mileage may vary, and it certainly will void any
    > warranty, but overclocking the Pi4 is also a possibility.
    > I experimented with that option and, on my example at least, I
    > dial in a ~12-14% clock speed boost stably (IIRC). This did
    > the decoding cycle.
    > Any higher clock rate, again on my particular Pi, and it started
    > behaving erratically.
    > Edward
    > On 5/25/21 12:37 PM, Rob Robinett wrote:
    >> This kind of problem has been reported by others in the
    Wednesday WD
    >> Zoom call and fixed by upgrading to a more powerful CPU than
    the ARM
    >> on the Pi4.  It appears that with the summer months and increasing
    >> sunspot cycle, the Pi CPUs can't keep up decoding the number of
    >> in the wav file captures.  However it is hard to observe those
    >> of CPU' events.
    >> Most of the top spotting sites have migrated from Pi4s to i86
    >> servers.  An inexpensive, low power and high performance option is
    >> the Lenovo M93P Tiny PC (don't get the larger model) with i5 CPU
    >> which can be purchased used or refurbished for $100 or less on
    >> <> The
    M93P consumes 12W peaking at 36W
    >> while decoding spots.
    >> WD requires very little RAM space, so a 2 or 4GB machine would be
    >> fine.  I bought mine without HD and added a SSD and installed
    >> 20.04 LTS. But since WD does very little disk  IO to the root file
    >> system, using a rotating HD might be a better choice for longer

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