Re: Transient missing spots events may require WD server CPU upgrade

Edward Hammond

I noticed last year that my decode cycles were pushing the Pi's limits.  Your mileage may vary, and it certainly will void any warranty, but overclocking the Pi4 is also a possibility.

I experimented with that option and, on my example at least, I could dial in a ~12-14% clock speed boost stably (IIRC).  This did shorten the decoding cycle.

Any higher clock rate, again on my particular Pi, and it started behaving erratically.


On 5/25/21 12:37 PM, Rob Robinett wrote:
This kind of problem has been reported by others in the Wednesday WD Zoom call and fixed by upgrading to a more powerful CPU than the ARM on the Pi4.  It appears that with the summer months and increasing sunspot cycle, the Pi CPUs can't keep up decoding the number of spots in the wav file captures.  However it is hard to observe those 'out of CPU' events.
Most of the top spotting sites have migrated from Pi4s to i86 servers.  An inexpensive, low power and high performance option is the Lenovo M93P Tiny PC (don't get the larger model) with i5 CPU which can be purchased used or refurbished for $100 or less on ebay:  The M93P consumes 12W peaking at 36W while decoding spots.
WD requires very little RAM space, so a 2 or 4GB machine would be fine.  I bought mine without HD and added a SSD and installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. But since WD does very little disk  IO to the root file system, using a rotating HD might be a better choice for longer life.

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