recent c2_level very low on some bands



I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with 2 local LAN KiwiSDRs (one on v1.444, the other on v1.456)
I recently had problems on the old SD card that was unwritable so i had to rebuild a 32GB SD with Raspberry Pi OS Lite (no desktop env) - Python 3.7.3 - numpy 1.16.2
I git to retrieve the 2.10j project
./ -V ran successfully w/o errors
I'm also using the backup wsprdaemon.conf from the previous setup (shown below)
declare WSPR_SCHEDULE_simple=(
"00:00 KIWI_0,2200 KIWI_0,630 KIWI_0,160 KIWI_0,80 KIWI_0,60eu KIWI_0,40 KIWI_1,30 KIWI_1,20 KIWI_1,17 KIWI_1,15 KIWI_1,12 KIWI_1,10"
declare WSPR_SCHEDULE=( "${WSPR_SCHEDULE_simple[@]}" )

My problem is that 40, 30 & 20 bands spots are not reported on (it's working if I use the KiwiSDR wspr extension on them)

I tried to debug using different antennas configurations, swapping the KIWI_0 with KIWI_1 and vice-versa, but still noticing the c2_levels are most of the time at -1000 value for the 3 bands so the noise graphs are only showing rms levels... (The noise graphs on the 9 other bands look ok)

I'm going mad, I used to plot much more trafic on 40,30 & 20
What's the problem of those -1000 c2_level values on the 3 bands ?

Any suggestions ?


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