Re: No Space for tmp files

Rob Robinett

Maybe I misled you.
Start by seeing the state of your file systems by executing 'df'
I would expect that your will see that the /tmp file system is 100% full/;   /tmp/wsprdaemon should be 10-30%% full most of the 2 minute wspr cycle.
/tmp should be cleared by a reboot.
WD doesn't clear the /tmp/wsprdaemon file system.  It does delete old wav files, which would occupy the most space on  /tmp/wsprdaemon. 
I only truncate or clear any log files created when you start WD, so if you run at log levels 1 or greater, eventually the  /tmp/wsprdaemon file system will become 100% full.
Fixing that 'logging fills up  /tmp/wsprdaemon' problem is part of my work on WD V3.0.

On Thu, May 13, 2021 at 6:47 PM John via <> wrote:
I did wd -z
rm -rf /tmp/*
I got a list of sum system type files and some with lots of numbers, but many showed bussy.
I did sudo rm -rf /tmp/*
got  cannot remove /tmp/wsprdaemon device or resource bussy.  ( even with the wd -z) ??

I thought that the tmp files were on RAM disk and would go away with a cold restart.


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