Re: wsprdaemon on Nvidia Jetson Nano


Still working on the same problem to get wsprdaemon to run on the Nvidia Nano running UBUNTU 18.04.
The problem I am seeing is no spots with the tail -F uploads.log command. I do see the message to purge the empty file.
I have kiwi built in wspr app running on the kiwi and I see spots on the same 20 meters/
Rod had me add my CPU type arm64 to the wsprdaemon script. I did not see any change.
I guess that maby the wsprd program that Rob imports from wsjtx may not be compatible with the arm64.
I spent the week building wsjtx from source on the Nano. I then moved the new wsprd into the bin folder.
I ran wsprdaemon again -- no change.I started wsprdaemon and then wd -d three times to get the high verbose.
I let it run for 12 min. I have attached the wsprdaemon log file but I do not know what to look for. Rob is still tied up with the new house and version 3
so I thought I would post here and hope for recomendations.
Thanks in advance for any comments

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