Re: wsprdaemon on Nvidia Jetson Nano

WA2TP - Tom

Try running these on your wd server

1) from a terminal session on the Pi type "cd ~/wsprdaemon/uploads.d/wsprnet.d/spots.d <ENTER>"

2) from that same  terminal session on the Pi type "~/wsprdaemon/ -d <ENTER>"

3) from that same  terminal session on the Pi type "tail -f uploads.log <ENTER>"

 Should bump verbosity to 1

You will then see log messages about your spot uploads as they are executed.

Basic status commands

~/wsprdaemon/ -a Starts WD running as a background linux service which will automatically start after any reboot or power cycle of your server
~/wsprdaemon/ -z Stop any running WD, but it will start again after a reboot/power cycle
~/wsprdaemon/ -s Display the status of the WD service
~/wsprdaemon/ -h Help menu

From: <> on behalf of John via <n0ure@...>
Sent: Monday, April 5, 2021 7:23 PM
To: <>
Subject: [wsprdaemon] wsprdaemon on Nvidia Jetson Nano
I have been working to get the daemon running on the 4GB nano. Most is looking well. The KIWIs are loading ok just no spot uploads.
At decode time { 8 sec mark} I see a bump in CPU to 80% but it only lasts for 3 seconds. How can I check on the wsprd processes? Can I learn anything with three -d ? Is there a place in the  where I might trap an error message?


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