Conf file example - two receivers, different bands, one Pi

Edward Hammond

Hi Folks -

I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could please forward an example of a wsprdaemon.conf file that manages two Kiwis *while allocating a different set of bands to each receiver*.

I was getting right proud of myself for merging my receivers ... on the first try even .... and then I realized (duh!) that each Kiwi is now monitoring the same set of bands!

In my setup the receivers are tuned to different bands, but I would love to manage them with a single Pi running a single wsprdaemon instance.  Presently I have two Pis each running its own wsprdaemon.

Unplugging one Pi would be great as I am planning to move the whole WSPR receiving setup off-grid and it would save quite a bit of electricity (relative to a modest solar setup!).



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