Re: Battery powered, wifi connected Kiwi useful for portable installations and antenna system tests.


Well I thought it best to let you know so you could change it pronto.  Yes the cost of everything is rising eh?  But then it seems like every time you turn around you find out we've been lied to.  Well maybe that's always been true but just that in this day and age of connectivity and information war its harder for the liars to keep a lid on things?  Anyhoo I find it hard to believe anybody's justification for the price hikes.  An Omega2 can still be had for about U$D 20.00 if you can find one in stock.  The big suppliers still have some.  The Omega2 pro is about fifty bucks but has all the battery management and I/O broken out for you so you don't need the docker boards.  Probably still cheaper. when you add up the little bits.  I was thinking you could run a wsprdaemon server on a battery powered one.  I have a couple of omega2's and the mini-docks here. Now that I dug one out I should see if I can get wsprdaemon running on one.  They are tiny.  Here is one plugged into a minidock to give you a sense of the size. Yup I remebered to obliterate the MAC address b4 uploading this image :)

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