Re: Update to WsprDaemon Timescale Database Guide V2-1

Gwyn Griffiths

Following the posts to this Forum on data presentation and analysis by Andi Frugard using R and Greg Beam using PySpark and other 'Big Data' packages I have added summaries of their methods in an update to the WsprDaemon Timescale Database Guide. I'm grateful to them for permission to do so, and for expanding the range of tools available to work with WSPR data and I fully acknowledge, and provide links to, their work in the Guide.

Arne, who created the website, which has tools to access a copy of the entire (yes entire) WSPR data set from inception, made contact with us and he is now using the WsprDaemon wsprnet database to populate his database with new spots. The database he uses is Clickhouse and the new version of our Guide includes an introduction to Clickhouse including some comparative execution times. These show speed-up factors of between 9 and 61 against TimescaleDB.

Gwyn G3ZIL

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