Re: WD service stops ?!

Rob Robinett

Your linux server is probably missing a library needed by the new wsjt-x decoder.
I am dealing with a neighborhood power outage, so I can't look at your system right now.
What cpu/OS are you using?

On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 1:45 PM ON5KQ <ON5KQ@...> wrote:
As I am in the process to start up the receiver after relocation, I updated/upgraded the long not used Raspberry... I was astonished about the HUUUUUGGGE update...
I thought it is time to "git pull" to also use the latest update of WD on the raspberry ...

The result is....  NO uploads at all !

Is there something wrong with the new wsprd decoder it downloads as well ??

It is so strange that I even do not know, where to start ?
Should I make a new install from scratch ?
But that doesn't work either, as Numpy and a lot of other packages won't install as I found on my Ubuntu machine...

I tried the procedere to look for the upload file, as mentioned in the old folder...
It only shows the fact that verbosity is 1.... but no information about how many decodes are in the last 2min interval and if there is something uploaded.... no information at all..

It seems to me, that the service is not running at all although it says everything runs  ( -s)....

Any good idea, what I should do ?

Ulli, ON5KQ

Rob Robinett
mobile: +1 650 218 8896

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