Re: Deep Decoding and CPU Loading

WA2TP - Tom

Hi Hans,
Thank you for that.

I am and always have been willing to share what I have implemented will all: it should not be a secret as that is how we can all learn and grow this hobby.

I have taken what I have learned from others and applied it in my own practice. 
I only started WSPR monitoring 2 years ago. Ironically what got me intrigued in enhancing my performance was out of error on how I was trying to monitor a balloon spot, which was brought to my attention by a much more experienced HAM.

From there I got involved with the group and learned quickly I had much work that I could do to enhance my RX capabilities which are strongly impeded by local noise.

Currently I am running 6, 14 Chanel KIWI SDR (All modified with BBAI to achieve 14 RX channels). 5 of them are running in 14 RX mode, while 1 is in 8 ch mode.
Out of the available kiwi RX channels which total 84, I am currently using 72 active rx channels.  I have two spare kiwi, which i utilize on a test system which can upload using WA2TP-1.

Antennas consists of:
ZS6BKW@ 20m height broadside EU
Inverted L's for 80/160 with 64 short radials (nulls due south /north respectively
30m Delta loop vertically polarized apex at 20m
Wellbrook Active loop
Reversable coaxial beverage on ground (short at only 50m in length)
20-10 Hexbeam  @ 1 meter off the ground (yes 1 meter)

all very much compromise antennas, most of which I constructed.

I had a Steppir 2e which was on a home brew telescopic mast @ 10m height, which pulled the chimney off the side of my house in a storm early this year. It is sitting on the ground waiting for the arrival of my tower this fall.

All of my antennas are all quite close together on my very small 30m x 30m lot.  There was quite a bit of interaction which required custom built cores for isolation and matching.

In addition, I have several 25KW broadcast transmitters line of sight from my QTH just  5km away, and a few ~15km away the opposite direction.  I had to custom build some filters once I found commercial ones didn't quite cut it.

In addition to all of this, my area is quite prone to lighting strikes. My detection equipment to date has recorded 24,918 lighting strikes this year alone with a 30km radius.
I had to pay special attention to my lighting protection system which you can see the details of at my QRZ page.

Prior to two years ago, I had zero experience with any operating system other than windows. 
I had to learn UBUNTU, Linux Raspbian etc. all in two short years.

I then built a robust 24 Core I9-1200k Ubuntu server running 20.04LTS to merge all RX channels.

Currently I do have one radio: a Newley acquired 7610 running wsjtx on 10,20, 40 meters being fed by an active splitter using the ground mounted hex beam. 

I am using the preamplification and notch filters available in the 7610, to this to see if the addition of preamplification may offer increased rx performance from the kiwi's  which are notoriously deaf from 20m up.
Currently the only kiwi with pre-emphasis is the well brook loop. all others are run flat.


I would like to add that as a show of good faith, and in the spirit of our HAM community, that as of a few hours ago I have reduced the -C decode value by 30% of its maximum value. We won’t know what that impact is for several days.  

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