Re: New to WSPR Daemon

Gwyn Griffiths

Rob, Greg
Rob - Continuous aggregates are on my to list of topics to add to the list of examples I have in my TimescaleDB Guide. I'll need to check whether they can be used with aggregates such as percentiles as well as the example aggregates provided by Timescale. Hourly counts and averages spring immediately to mind. One approach would be to figure out what would be a useful Grafana dashboard that only used aggregates.

Greg - Thank you for more thought-provoking points. I wonder if discussion during the weekly Wednesday WsprDaemon Zoom meetings that Rob holds might be useful? For me personally, I have learnt as I've implemented the WsprDaemon database with Influx then Timescale; not the best approach, but it is a good (if not the 'best') approach to data storage and serving data to users with a whole host of applications via a growing number of interfaces.

Gwyn G3ZIL

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