Re: Deep Decoding and CPU Loading

Hans V alphen


You gave me some information on your setup, so perhaps it's nice if I do the same.

Up to the moment that I decided to switch off at 29 september I was using one Kiwi receiver  and one Perseus receiver, this last one dedicated to 80 mtr with WSJT-x for decoding.
The Kiwi was used for 7 RX channels on different bands.
Also I had a Red Pitaya receiver using a different callsign, wenn I strated using this it was performing well but since the WSPRdaemon it was giving less perfromance than the Kiwi with WSPRdaemon.

As antenna I am using a single antenna a magnetic loop home build based on a Alford Loop.

I have been working to build a second antenna for the WSPR but if things stay as they are I will not even bother to get things going. I have 2 more Kiwi's waiting to get used but also these have not been used up to now.

My WSPR RX performance on 80 mtr is good to very good with lot of spots decoded and quite often within the top 3 of unique decodes.

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