wsprdaemon stopped upload to wsprnet

Gerhard, OE3GBB

My wsprdaemon installation (OE3XOE) stopped the upload to wsprnet yesterday at 14:50 UTC. Could not find any reason for that.
I am running the wsprdaemon on a i5 and I am using a flydog-sdr. this setup was stable for several month now as you can the in the data reports from OE3XOE.
I did a reboot of the sdr and the i5, did a git pull also. Did switch to my backup PC, all the same.
When I am using the WSPR extension of the flydog, the reports are OK.
So there must be some problem the the wsprdaemon. I checked the upload directory and it is empty.
Any hint, where I could proceed to solve the problem?
73 Gerhard OE3GBB 

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