Re: WD config errors

Rob Robinett

Hi John,

I'm sorry but in the stress of yesterday's insurrection I failed to test the conf file I emailed you which included a corrupt definition of your RECEIVER_LIST.

That list must include one or more strings, each with 5 space-separated strings, e.g.
        "KIWI_0             TI4JWC         EK70wb    PASSWORD"
        "KIWI_1             TI4JWC         EK70wb    PASSWORD"
        "MERGED_0_1        KIWI_0,KIWI_1          TI4JWC         PASSWORD" 

The conf file I sent you was missing the double quotes I highlighted in red above, so WD saw there was only one multi-line receiver definition of KIWI_0.

There might have been a second problem with the '\r' (Carriage Return) characters added to each line by your Windows text editor.
I stripped those CRs out using the linux utility 'dos2unix' before editing your conf file. 
If you make further edits from Windows and find WD fails to start, it would be safest to edit your conf file from the desktop of the Pi using the text editor supplied as part of that Desktop environment.


On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 2:39 PM John via <> wrote:
I made the 00:00 a single line  --- same error

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