Re: WD config errors

Rob Robinett

I am away from home. I’ll check it later today when I get home

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 12:20 PM Glenn Elmore <n6gn@...> wrote:

On 1/7/21 12:40 PM, John via wrote:
> Here is with a comma added. I get the same errors..

The comma was no doubt a problem but there's another thing, perhaps
formatting was changed in posting. I don't know about the line wrap, 
but your entry for schedule 00:00 looks suspect

> declare WSPR_SCHEDULE_simple=(
>          "00:00  KIWI_0,80   KIWI_0,40   KIWI_0,30
>                  MERGED_0_1,20   MERGED_0_1,17 MERGED_0_1,15
> MERGED_0_1,12 MERGED_0_1,10 " )

I see it as two lines and I can't tell if that's what you actually have.
I think it needs to be a single line.

WD is a bit fussy about white space and delimiters. Check your .conf
very carefully.


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