Re: Single spots

wayne roth

Steve thanks for creating this query.  I was thinking about some single spots that might happen and be valid if the TxGrid matches the actual grid shown on QRZ and I found one such spot of of 10's that I checked and had no QRZ hits.  This was a 10 meter contact, and the band seemed pretty dead when I checked it later.  I searched back 5 weeks and K5UDO only showed up this one time.  I think that this situation is pretty rare though based on the number of calls that didn't have any QRZ or QRZCQ hits.

Local   (y-m-d) TX txGrid RX rxGrid MHz W SNR drift km Az° mode km/W spotQ version
2022-08-21 20:32 K5UDO DN40dh KA7OEI-1 DN31uo 28.126073 10 -27 -1 152 341 2 15 4 WD_3.0.3.3

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