Re: Second KIWI setup?

Gwyn Griffiths


Your interests in antenna experiments are very much catered for through Rob's WD script and the Grafana dashboards I've created. To add to Rob's answer with my own example.

Having looked at Rob's template, you can see the context for these key lines, where I've substituted *** for the passwords. First the receiver list. The receiver name on the left is included in each spot data row sent to the wsprdaemon database whereas it is the third column that is used as the identifier to wsprnet. In this example I want to identify between the two receivers on wsprnet on some bands, hence the G3ZIL and G3ZIL/S. I'm also creating a merged receiver, where the best SNR between G3ZIL_1 and G3ZIL_2 is reported to wsprnet as G3ZIL; as Rob says, this avoids double reporting to wsprnet. However, the original individual receiver data is available in the wsprdaemon database.

        "G3ZIL_1             G3ZIL      IO90hw    ****"
        "G3ZIL_2             G3ZIL      IO90hw    ****"
        "G3ZIL_4             G3ZIL/S    IO90hw    ****"
        "MERGED_RX                G3ZIL_1,G3ZIL_2    G3ZIL      IO90hw    ****"

And so, we can look at the data from Callsign G3ZIL and receivers G3ZIL_1 and G3ZIL_2 on the Grafana dashboard at

These dashboards are taking quite some time for initial load and then some panels take a fair time - but I hope that via this comprehensive example dashboard you can see that wsprdaemon really does provide a great starting point for antenna experimentation. Check out more information on our Grafana dashboards at:

I have dropped you an email to your address on with the password.


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