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Greg Beam <ki7mt01@...>

Hello All,

I just recently found WSPR Daemon ( Very Cool !! ), and I'm very interested in how this will progress over the next SS cycle. I had  started a similar project (on a much, much smaller scale) for WSPRnet data. I am (was) mainly focused on using Spark (Scala), PySpark, Apache Arrow, and various utilities to convert those monster CSV files to Parquet / Avro  formats; not so much on the visualization ( but that may change now :-) )

I have truck-load of content to add, but, I did start working on a db-init-script for a local PostgreSQL DB (wsprnet, tutorial) and put up a few Scala apps / Py Sample Scripts for CSV conversion testing. I've not added the tutorial tables to the init script yet, but will do soon.

The Docs site is far from complete, but, here are few links so folks can see the direction I'm heading (In time there will be visualization plots). I've added a WSPR-Daemon section where things related to this project will go. The concepts are the same for both WSPRnet and WSPR-Daemon in terms of processing data in volume.

Some examples:

As I said earlier, there's a ton to be added, including a full tools-installation section for those interested in either project using Spark related tooling. I was planning on doing some Vagrant testing of the Daemon script before the holidays ended, but, I did not get to it. There's just to many fun things to do, and not enough time to do them.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing how things progress here with WSPR Daemon !

Greg, KI7MT

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