Re: Pi4 alternatives to add CPU power

Rob Robinett

For up to 30 receive channel and all modes, used Lenovo Thinkcentres with i5 processor have worked well for a number of us.
Be sure to get one that includes all the parts, but don't pay for Windows OS
It is easy to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on them from a DVD or from a USB stick.

You don't really need the desktop version of Ubuntu, but I installed it anyways and you can remotely connect to the desktop from a RealVNC client.
But VNC connections only worked on my TC with a monitor attached to it, so I use these dummy VGA plugs instead:

On Wed, Jul 13, 2022 at 5:25 AM Bruce KX4AZ <bruce@...> wrote:
I've been pondering ways to add some CPU power to my existing Pi4 setup.  It occurs to me that with the current prices for a new Pi4, other alternatives such as a refurbished PC, or non-Pi SBCs are viable.  So there are two main questions that I have...
1) What level of PC microprocessor would provide a rough equivalent to a Pi4 running wsprdaemon?
2) Is there an SBC alternative to the Pi that is popular in the wsprdaemon community?

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