Re: Sdrplay RSP1A


Rob Garth

I am following your lead in the same effort to get my RSP2Pro to work 6 Meters. I installed the version 7 PI image on  a 8G Pi4. I learned the hard way to not use Etcher to build the image. The new image files have a card builder included. Just run the image download file and it does the build to the card. I have the CubicSDR working with my 2Pro. I see that there are Soapy info included in the CubicSDR start up. I also have WSJT-X 2.2.2 installed but have not found a common Rig setting to get linked. I am off to read the CubicSDR manual now. Poor Rob R has had a "Hair-on-Fire week". I am watching rot a new version of wsprdaemon.


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