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A resource for users of WordPerfect for the Macintosh and supporting technologies, including the emulators SheepShaver and Basilisk that run WordPerfect on Intel and Silicon M1 Macs on every OS version from 10.6 to current, both 32 and 64 bit. We also support older platforms including OSX Classic on PPC and legacy OS versions from 7.5 to 9, and also Applescript in WordPerfect.
Our discussion forum addresses all aspects of WordPerfect at all levels: no user should hesitate to ask a question. We also invite you to answer others' questions. Please state your subject specifically and limit quotation in replies.
Over 100 links and files here include the free last version of WordPerfect for Macintosh, dictionary and thesaurus files for 18 languages, complete conversion filters (supporting WP for both Macintosh and PC) and a large number of third-party enhancements. Searchable archives include 23 mb of discussion from eight years of the original mailing list, two years of the WordPerfect Mac News, and the 700-page book "Teach Yourself WordPerfect Mac" covering all features through the last program release as well as many third-party utilities.
To begin using WordPerfect Mac on any kind of Macintosh -- 68k, PPC, Intel or M1 chip, on any OS from 7.5 to current -- or to update your installation of the program, download Getting Started with WordPerfect Mac.
To convert documents to or from WP for the PC, MS Word or other programs, or to open files created in earlier versions of WP Mac, see the documents, filters and utilities in the Conversions folders in the Files and Databases sections here.


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