Visit to Space Centre - UPDATE

Michael Morris

Hi Folks
Unfortunately, due to illness, I'm not going to be able make it to Space Centre on Saturday ;-(
Rod Stewart (our Treasurer) has very kindly agreed to step in to help with co-ordination with the Space Centre on the day - Thanks Rod.
In the meantime, I was supposed to giving be a lift to Chris Baddiley and his partner Susy and to Ruth Hardman.  Is anyone else available to give Ruth or Chris and Susy a lift?

I'll try and post a reminder about the arrangement for the visit before Thursday  
Have a great trip.

Michael Morris

Alam K

Hello Mike,

I'm able to give a lift to 3 people.  Get back to me as soon as possible if they want to come along in my car.

Best wishes,


Michael Morris

Hi Alamgir
That's brilliant, thanks. Probably the easiest way to organise this is if you send me your telephone number and I give it to Chris and Ruth and ask them to ring you to make arrangements. Is that okay? 

Best wishes