WAS newsgroup is moving

Michael Morris

Following many months/years of intermittent problems with the email, messaging, calendar and events reminder systems of our Yahoo newsgroup we've decided to migrate the newsgroup over to a new newsgroup service called Groups.io.

Over the next few days you should receive one of more mails from groups.io telling you that we are migrating the newsgroup.  Please read the emails carefully.  Unlike with the Yahoo system, there is no need to register with Groups.io.

Our Yahoo newsgroup will remain active for a while whilst we bed in the new groups.io newsgroup and then become dormant.

Once the new newsgroup is up and running we'll give you more information.  

Also, we are starting to resurrect our long unused our Facebook page at


Michael Morris

We hope the transfer will start to happen in the next week or so.  Please note the content of any email you receive from groups.io.

Thank you for your assistance