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Birmingham Astronomical Society are also featuring an online lecture on Geocentric Space Debris on 30th June.

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Meeting Details

Go Space Watch presents a free Public Online Astronomy Lecture on Wednesday 17 June at 7:30 pm BST. The Lecture is “The Far Side of the Moon: Is it Just Aliens?” and will be presented by Dr Julian Onions from the University of Nottingham. 


About the Lecture: The Moon is a shy body, it only ever shows one side of itself to the Earth. Before the space age, we had no idea what was on the far side of the Moon. This has led to a number of conspiracy theories that it is a haven for aliens. In this talk, we’ll chart the progress of how we got to see what was on the far side of the Moon, and what we found there. Tin foil hats are optional!


About the Speaker: Julian works with computer simulations of large fractions of the universe to understand trends in galaxy formation and evolution. Investigating the tools that help us form and analyse such simulations such as halo finders, tree builders and semi-analytic models. He also does a number of outreach activities, giving talks to astronomy societies and other interested groups such as rotary and U3A, as well as working with schools and scouts/guide groups. He also helps with the teaching of undergraduates in some of the astronomy courses.

Register for free through Eventbrite at the following link:


More details about Go Space Watch and CAPCOM Magazine can be found at


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