Tuesday Feb 18 8pm... Thee Kings pub discussion on discovery of Pluto 75th anniversary.

Christopher J Baddiley

Message from John Beale of Worcester and Hereford IoP, forwarded by Chris .B


I have put a slide set together on my laptop.




The Three Kings . .. Hanley Castle now has a regular programme of themed discussion evenings on occasional Tuesdays. The idea is to have informal talks and discussion about an anniversary of significant activity. It's not a formal talk and people come and go from 8pm until late. However they do like to have someone there who knows a little above the average on the topic, to give a brief overview and answer questions. Visual aids are great but don't expect to project anything.


On Tuesday 18th Feb the subject is Pluto, as it is, iirc, the 75th anniversary of its discovery. I have been asked if any of the IOP local committee, friends, or members of WAS would be able to show up and provide some level of "expert" knowledge. Indeed several people could go.


Let me know if you think you can help, but the event will happen anyway, so you can just show up after 8pm..






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