20160424 RE: Re: Viewing Transit of Mercury again

Christopher J Baddiley

Hello Mike again and anyone following this thread.


We are away from this Monday until Friday morning the 29th this week, but after that if you would like to come to check out my Observatory site any time, for suitability of the Mercury transit viewing ,you are welcome.

(01886) 880047 or (07956) 449233.


As I said, there is a reasonable amount of parking by the house but not on the Lane. I can accommodate large numbers of people in the house and about five in the Observatory control room at any one time.

You will be viewing from the upper side and back lawn with a full view directly South and West to the North and East . The house is East or South East from those locations , and at a lower level . The reasonably large garden is basically lawn with low fence, has a nearly full view of all horizons, but the best is the West with maximum elevation of distant trees the other side of a large field, of about 6° or less.


Regards Chris



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Hello Mike,


I can accommodate large numbers of people in my garden, easily 15 in the house, or 30 split between two reception rooms, and about four or five in the Observatory control room at any one time.

Car parking for eight together near the house, and one at the drive entrance 150 m down by the road. Hedges prevent any more.



My horizon to the West is the best. It is limited by the trees the far side of a large field. I have used a basic inclinometer to get the angle of the top of the trees from West to North West horizon,  worst case. I reckon it is about 6 degrees. I wedged the inclinometer to read 8° thereabouts within a degree or so and that was above the trees. I can't vouch for the absolute accuracy!



Regards Chris






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Thanks for the offer Chris.  Some of us were talking about where to observe the transit from last night.

I have two questions. 

1  How many people can you accommodate?  

2  Does your western horizon go down to >8 degrees (the height of the Sun at the end of the transit)?




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