20160415 RE: Help wanted for binocular support on tripod

Christopher J Baddiley

If you're looking for binocular adapters to standard tripod quarter Whitworth thread fitting tripod, look on Amazon (marketplace ) and there are many. Just use the search box.


Also available through astronomical instrument suppliers. Try Chris Livingstone,( Chris Livingstone telescopes),  chairman of the astronomical society! He is an expert and can acquire almost any equipment at extremely competitive prices.


The adapters clamp round the focusing central rod. With Zeiss binoculars which I also have, there is just clearance with narrow designs.



Regards Chris



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I'm a newbie to practical astronomy and a recent member of the Society (whose more established members have already been very friendly). I'm advised that some members might be able to provide advice or assistance.


Problem: I wish to use a pair of old but excellent pair of standard type Zeiss 7x50 binoculars to learn the relative positions of the constellations & most prominent stars, etc. The binoculars are quite heavy and therefore I want to use my large well-made camera tripod to support them. The tripod has a fully adjustable camera platform complete with a standard screw fitting which stands exactly 5ft high when the tripod is fully extended (an ideal height). But there is no obvious way I can see to support the binoculars on the stand. I've tried Googling plus a few phone calls to optical equipment suppliers but to no avail.


Any info, advice or suggestions from anyone who has met this probl em before would be gratefully received.



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