WTB: some small WS No. 19 parts: power cable (short) 6-pin to terminal box inside the turret


We are finishing up the staghound armoured car we've been working on for five years (going up for sale in a few month or so) and we are putting the kit in the turret now.  The interior of the vehicle is done save for mounting ammo boxes, etc.  I will post a photo thread shortly of the turret info and pictures of the radio set up.  I need the 6-Pin power cable from the terminal box below the radio that goes up to the WS No. 19 set power supply. The wire s in mine have rotten insulation - I have shorts across the connector pins:  Anyone have one for sale or know one I might acquire from a seller????  l - need only 24" length or so but any length will do.  fyv-06 tew-69 206-syx

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