VLF aerials

Michael O'Beirne



If you Google LF antennas, numerous designs pop up.  They seemed to be divided into the following:


  1. Amplified LF loops;
  2. Amplified short dipoles, typically the Datong AD370, but it is not spec’d below about 200kHz.
  3. Tuned loops (less convenient unless mounted at the operating position).
  4. Short amplified whips.  But be careful to decouple the coax feed otherwise it will act as a noisy pick up.  There used to be an excellent professional design from Surrey Electronics, but it cost £££s.  There was a Marconi small wideband active whip developed for ICS3.  I think it used valve circuitry to cope with the high RF on warships.
  5. Ferrite rods glued together.  Described as “loopsticks” in US books.  I think there are some pages in the ARRL Handbooks.