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For normal day - to - day message exchanges what Members choose as a Display Name is more or less irrelevant; quite a few members have no Display Name set up. However, the choice of Display Name becomes critical if a Member wishes to request a document (or documents) from the Group Archive.

Incoming Document Requests are examined by a program that was originally designed for use when the Group was hosted by Yahoo, but this program had to be edited to handle the different way in which presents downloaded membership information. The program cannot recognise "spaces" or "special characters", so any Display Name that includes one or the other will not be recognised; the immediate consequence of this is that the Document Request is rejected, with the original requester receiving a notice of that rejection. 

If you can be certain that you will never wish to request a document then you can ignore this message. If, however, there is any chance - however remote - that you might at some point wish to ask for a document then we would urge you to make sure that your Display Name conforms to the rule as soon as possible. i.e. before you forget. There is one "special character" that is permissible, and that is an underscore _. If your current Display Name includes a space then the simple solution is to replace that space with _. 

Those members who currently have no Display Name set are advised to add one as soon as possible for similar reasons; the Document Request system will spot the absence of one.

For those uncertain of how to add or edit a Display Name then there is guidance on the topic in the Group wiki: 2: Your Account and Subscription (linked) which will help.

Thinking of ignoring this message? Then remember Numbers, Chap 32 Verse 23: be sure your sin will find you out.

Keith, Chris (S) & Chris (J) Owner & Moderators.