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Lawrence Pooley


I am thinning out the collection and have these to offer:-

19 Set canvas cover  ZA 27668     (Couple of small holes and a bit of paint) £100

19 set tray and securing straps  ZA2987, ZA3102 and ZA2988 (Reasonable condition)  £200

19 Set Junction Remote Control No1 & 2 (No1 still part stores packed. No2 has been used)  £75

19 Set Control Unit No17 ZA28543.  For 38 Set AFV (with audio cable and socket fitted)  £25

Wooden Crate for Receiving Set Radio Type S1/1 (Came with my 19 Set)  £50

Canvas Cable Holder (empty)  £10

Epidiascope  (still lights up and has several spare bulbs. Still waiting for previous offer to turn up after a year)  £75

Royal Typewriter  (needs a service!)   £30

All sold as untested.
Email me for pictures and sizes.
Buyer collects or P&P to be arranged .


Lawrence Pooley

G7KLR / trackfrowerAThotmailDOTcom

Lawrence Pooley

Control box has gone.
Open to offers on the rest before it goes to MVT or ebay