Re: Tektronix Type 545 A Oscilloscope Resurrection

Michael O'Beirne

Dear Carvel
Thanks.  In fact I also have an HP 1740A scope of near identical 100MHz performance, albeit the TEK is prettier.  The TEK’s automatic light change when used with a genuine TEK probe is very neat.  The HP one cost me all of £60 in pristine condition with a cover and original manual and is still in very good order. 
I still have my old Heath 5 inch scope from the time of Noah, but alas the transformer is duff and there’s scant chance of finding another.  The rest is immaculate.
It was duff for a while till I plucked up the courage to examine the innards properly.  The build quality is excellent.  It fits together like LEGO (about a million miles away from the massive valved TEK scopes!) and the manual was a great help in locating the fault – a duff bridge rectifier.  The area had been reworked and might be an Achilles heel.  With a new rectifier fitted, all was well.
I looked at a couple of second hand digital scopes.  The ragged waveform was not impressive.  I don’t need the precision or convenience digital readout, so the old analogue scope suits me well.

From: cwlathes
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2020 9:38 AM
Subject: Re: [wireless-set-no19] Tektronix Type 545 A Oscilloscope Resurrection

Hi Michael ,

Tek 468 is a very nice scope . . . only problems I have heard of is so-called “ROM rot” with a couple of the ROM’s which necessitates an EPROM adaption , but if yours are fine then you should be smiling . . .

Although I have a newish TEK DSO , my preferred “go to” scope for everyday work is still the Advance OS1000A of similar vintage to your 468 which has served me well for many years :>)

Keep well,



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