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Michael O'Beirne


There's nothing wrong with using medium power RF PA valves as voltage stabilisers. My ARRL Handbook of 1968 shows 6L6s, 807s and 811s in a variety of HV variable PSUs. My old chunky Solatron PSU I think uses 5B254s or similar from distant memory.


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Jacques wrote...

For the 6146 used in your HV power supply, I can understand that some people gave you a hard time if they are US-made 6146As (especially the Collins S-Line users).
Hopefully, in a Power Supply, even some Chinese 6146Bs can do !

The Farnell E350 stabilised power supply uses EL34 (and being British, they're usually the Mullard ones from the Blackburn factory)!

In case that's not enough....

It pales into insignificance compared to the 450 volt variable supply in a recent auction which boasted a pair of GEC KT88s as the series regulator!

How much of this kit is bought by Audiophools just to be stripped for the valves, I wonder?

Chris. (Wondering what my newly acquired (and extremely heavy) A.P.T. variable supply has as its regulators, it's 19" rackmount and has +500V and -250V variable outputs.)

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