Re: Possible crystal source

Michael O'Beirne

I had a look at Krystaly’s catalogue.  There are some rather good crystal filters manufactured.  They could probably make one for any particular application, eg for
1.4MHz filters.  They have a 7.5kHz wide one on 10.7MHz which would be a good replacement for a wider one in my old PR155 receiver.

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Subject: Re: [wireless-set-no19] Possible crystal source

Hi Sean


Perhaps you mean this one:



Kind regards,

Henk - Parasetguy




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Onderwerp: [wireless-set-no19] Possible crystal source


Has anyone found out the prices from this New Jersey, USA, crystal supplier? I was looking for a supplier I've seen in Eastern Europe who had very low prices, something like Crystally, but can't find it again.

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