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Michael O'Beirne

Dear Mike
In my CCF’s log book there was an entry that their WS12 had blown up.  I have heard elsewhere that this was not an uncommon end for these sets.  The R107, however, continued to give sterling service and was still going well when I left in 1968.
I must say that these big heavy radios are still far more interesting and fun than a modern black box.   I read glowing reviews every few months in RadCom, but they lead me stone cold.   The only slightly modern radio that I’d love to have is the Collins KWM380 (but at a very fancy price alas).

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I had a CR100 which I sold only 18 month ago.  Actually, mine was the Naval version with the 'RIS' front panel connection.  (Radar Interference Suppression).


I also remember using a 12 set transmitter when I was in the Army cadets back in the 60s.  We used it on the various net spot frequencies.  The receiver was an Eddystone something, 640 perhaps?  The 'spare' set was a 19 set on the desk and a 19 set high power amplifier on a shelf above.


I bet all that stuff is in a land fill site now.


73, Mike,
Mike Stevens,




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