Re: WS A510 range? - First post

Michael O'Beirne

The A510 could be seen as a predecessor for the A16 / PRC316, much used by SF for long range HF comms on CW using a low dipole and probably NVIS mode.  Ideal for use in the jungle where the base station could be using a decent NVIS aerial such as a Shirley or a full Jamaica.
The key to the considerable success was the 300Hz Collins mechanical filter for CW.
They are very nifty and reliable sets if your CW is any good.

From: Sean_Kelly
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 9:14 AM
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Subject: [wireless-set-no19] WS A510 range? - First post
Dear Group,
I read the A510 set was found during trials to have a range in hilly, jungle terrain of 8 miles (13 klicks). Must have been using CW although I read this a long time ago and took notes from the book/manual. the test might have been at a lower latitude and I'm just wondering, basically: "really"? Seems pretty optimistic for one watt transmitted from a ten-foot aeriel or short wire antenna.

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